We are pioneering the way webpage blocking is done globally. Blocking will be a positive providing constructive experience for consumers and be a reach media space. We turn a typical blocking error to a vital alternative learning space for students, workplace employees and public Wi-Fi users.

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We are an online service with decades of experience in the IT, marketing and other industries. We specialise in converting internet blocked pages into advertising & promotion space, matching advertisers with consumers each and every time they hit a blocked page.


Who We Serve

Our customers are advertisers, sponsors and search engines. We provide highly targeted media space for them.

Our partners are network providers, network security vendors and ISPs. We provide information to the benefit of their consumers, whom we also consider as our consumers.


Products & Projects

Examples of how we can serve you

Schools and other education institutions. Both education and protection of children are a major concern for us. network operators and Wi-Fi Networks with an array of vendors and users. Here our example shows that of an airport terminal with many internet users and multiple vendors. Corporations. Addressing wastage of time and resources by users, as well as the issues of duty-of-care and compliance. Virus scan / content filtering. For home use and corporations we serve to make the internet safe and address wastage of time and resources by users. ISP. For home use, making the internet safe. We also create a new media space for advertisers and sponsors.

If you'd like to say Hello :)

We are based in Sydney, Australia. Please either call Madelanne on +61-451 051 550 or write to us below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Have a great day!.